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In America, nearly every family is directly or indirectly affected by the disease of addiction and/or mental illness. We at VIP Recovery are here to assist you with a distinctive approach to the intervention process, one that is saving lives and helping entire families begin their healing process. This is precisely why Dr. Phil and The Doctors television programs have selected us at VIP to illustrate for their viewing audiences the importance of intervention in cases of addiction. Interventions entrusted to VIP are handled with dignity and respect, by Debbie and Brandon Knauss, a mother and son intervention team or selected VIP trained professionals. Brandon is a person in long-term recovery and Debbie is the mother who lived through the years of Brandon’s disease, so she understands firsthand how complicated the situation is. In addition, Debbie is a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) and Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). Their unique bond allows Debbie and Brandon to offer what few other intervention specialists can: intimate, direct knowledge of what the individual who is the subject of the intervention AND the family are going through.


Our Mission

VIP is a team of professionals wholeheartedly dedicated to helping individuals, family members, friends and business associates affected by addictions, substance use disorder, and/or mental illness. We are committed to educating those we serve, motivating them to act, and safely assisting them in activating the appropriate systems for treatment and support.

VIP Interventions

Have you noticed changes in behavior that may indicate your loved one needs help? If you notice any symptoms or signs, such as dishonesty, mental fog, appearance changes, intense emotional outbursts, isolation, or difficulty with money, you may need to discuss with family members or friends about potentially planning an intervention for the individual at risk. Chances are, they have noticed the changes, too.

An intervention is the first step to helping a person in crisis overcome their destructive behavior by motivating them to seek treatment. Often, an intervention is necessary to help the individual realize or acknowledge that they have an issue. During an intervention, an interventionist leads an intimate conversation that addresses behaviors and delivers ultimatums between the person at risk and a family member, employer, or close friend. At VIP Recovery, Debbie, Brandon, and their skilled team travel throughout the United States to lead a structured intervention in a safe environment, help plan logistics for transportation to a recovery center, offer recovery services, and provide support throughout intake interviews and detox, which saves lives and helps entire families begin their healing process.

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