Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

When searching for addiction treatment, the goal is to find trusted professionals who will provide compassionate care. Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center offers patient-focused treatment services on a beautiful equine ranch near Stephenville, TX. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you are welcome here. Our recovery services are tailored to treat substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring medical and psychological conditions. We invite you to browse our client reviews to find out more about the quality of care and standard of excellence you can expect at our renowned, dual-accredited facility.


Reviews & Testimonials for Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from J. Source: Google Mar 03 2023

"Best decision of my life. I tried to leave after 3 weeks, and ended up staying 4 months and that’s exactly what I needed. The staff went above and beyond to take care of me, and over 6 years later I am grateful to still be clean. I owe it all to Touchstone and their amazing staff."

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from E.A. Source: Google Feb 06 2023

"I am forever grateful for Touch Stone Ranch. I went into the program set on staying 30 days. After I finished detoxing, I realized I had a LOT more problems than just drugs & alcohol. I chose to stay for a total of six months. Biggest financial risk I have ever made but ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that I made this choice because my quality of life is POLAR opposite to how I have been living my entire life. I chose to stay at TRRC for six months persuaded by no one but my Higher Power. They worked with me on how to pay for it, which eased my mind a lot & helped me better focus on my recovery & mental health. I have been diagnosed with PTSD for most if my adult life due to being kidnapped & trafficked when I was younger. I never thought I would be able to feel safe in my own body or be able to function like a “normal person”. The counselors at Touchstone care soo much about everyone (bless them for even putting up with my crazy self & all of my rage). I now have a year sober (been using since I was 12 & I am now 30, I NEVER thought a year of sobriety would be possible). But beyond the miraculous sobriety, I now feel AT PEACE. I have learned to manage my anger, prevent panic attacks, face my fears & truths of reality, & I have a special relationship with a Power greater than myself. I am involved in my community, my business is growing again, & I’m sponsoring 5 women in AA. I am able to help these women in ways that Touch Stone helped me & there is no greater fulfillment than sharing what has been given to me. I can not express my gratitude enough for TRRC. I am finally free from the past & free from the mental chaos of addiction. I 100% recommend Touchstone if you are serious about recovering from drugs & alcohol. I have been to other rehabs, hospitals, programs & nothing is in comparison to TRRC. It’s not peaches & cream the entire time because you are going to be working through some heavy stuff. If you are honest with yourself & willing to put in the work, this place will save your life just as it saved mine."

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from L.J. Source: Testimonial Aug 25 2022

"I was speaking with my AA sponsor the other day and the subject of Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center came up, because I was telling him I don't think I'd be sober if it wasn't for the people at Touchstone. He asked if I'd ever told you guys that, and of course I have not.  I've been sober for 13 months now, and it really hasn't been that much of a struggle. I credit working my AA program, and my experiences at Touchstone. As you're aware, I stayed with you guys several times, and before Touchstone I'd been in multiple other facilities. I can't put my finger on what it is, but there's something unique about Touchstone, and I knew you guys could help me. I didn't know what it was going to take, but I knew it was there, so I kept coming back.  I thought alcohol was my problem. Actually, being a non-functioning alcoholic is a huge problem, but Touchstone helped me figure out that alcoholism is only a symptom. Once I started addressing my mental issues and worked on how I interacted with people, the drinking became much easier to address. None of the other recovery centers gave me that awareness, and certainly didn't try to address it. The counselors at Touchstone didn't just help me develop awareness of my core problems, they also worked with me; hacking at them from every angle to figure out what was going to work and what wasn't.   Thank you for being willing to let me work through things in my own way, and allowing me to stay beyond the 90 days this last time. Even though I really didn't want to stay, JD was able to show my wife and I that it was the best thing to do, (I think if JD had his way I'd have been there at least a year). Between JD and Monica I always felt secure that they were really looking out for me. I came to think of JD as more of a friend than just a counselor, and I think he understood me better than I was able to understand myself. Also, my wife always loved Monica. I'm unable to simply accept things that are told to me, (heck, you and I have had a couple disagreements). JD understood that and would often provide me with materials to do my own research and come to my own conclusions, which was vital to my understanding, acceptance, and recovery. I'm not drinking, and I've become mostly accepting of life on life's terms. I don't worry about things, and feel like I've found my own version of serenity. That's not to say everything is hunky dory; I'm still not working, and I'm unsure what to do with the rest of life. My background is in Technical Program Management, and I can say for sure I don't want to go back to that anxiety inducing maelstrom. Given my personal experiences, I have put some thought into starting my own recovery center or some kind of addiction focused nonprofit, going back to school to study neuroscience seems interesting, or maybe I'll just become a Walmart Greeter. I may not be sure what I want to do, but I do know that as long as I'm sober anything is possible, including fulfillment and joy. I'm thankful for the help I received at Touchstone, and I'm convinced that no other place could have helped me. So thank you for being there. -Larry"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from S.A. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"Hi Jill, Thank you so much for allowing me to go to Family Weekend. It was amazing! I’m still taking deep breaths and saying “WOW”. I learned so much! I can’t thank you enough for everything you and everyone at Touchstone Ranch has done for Brad, me and my family. You have been wonderful to work with and I’m so grateful for the experience. If there’s ever any way I can help someone that’s asking for referrals, etc. please feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again so much! Best always, -Sandy"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from K.Y. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center completely saved my life, before I made my decision to come here I was completely lost I was the most selfish, angry, scared, person I could be. I was also one of the biggest liars you had ever met. My thought process was really messed up. I almost lost everything; my family, who is most important in my life. I would have ended up dead, if not physically dead, emotionally and spiritually. I had no relationship with God what so ever. I was living life like a bump on a log, all I wanted to do was to use drugs and drink alcohol. I was pretty much a slave, they completely controlled me. Making all the wrong decisions, I was in control of my life, or at least thought I was. Coming to Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center really changed the way that I am going to live my life; knowing now that I do have a choice. I choose to stay sober one day at a time; Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center taught me the knowledge I need to go out in the world and stay sober. The most important thing they taught me was when I was in control I was making all the wrong decisions; to give my thought and actions to a higher power. The counselors are awesome people, some of the smartest, most caring, and loving people I have ever met. If you are ready to get sober, Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is the place you need to be. The staff and counselors are all willing to give their all to help you. I have the confidence now that I never had to live a loving sober life. -Kyle"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from C.L. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"The most beneficial part of the program to me was my counselor. God worked through my counselor! I liked that Touchstone is supportive about going to outside meetings and plan to continue using Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I have gained respect for myself and put myself back on the right track. -Clayton"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from S.T. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"I came to Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center with the expectation that I would be able to stop drinking again and restart my recovery following a brief relapse after nearly three years of sobriety. What I got here I never could have anticipated. I was able to discover a strength within myself that I never knew existed and came to completely believe that my past and my mistakes do not define me. I became hopeful, possibly for the first time ever, that my future could be better and that I don’t have to merely exist, I can live. I found God, my higher power, again and have been able to come to rely upon him for strength, courage, and comfort. Pushing through my fears, I have found myself and can now not only look the world in the eye, but more importantly, I can look myself in the eye. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity I have had to grow and experience love from people who have truly cared about me and kept faith in me without giving up until I could have faith in myself. -Stephanie"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from M.I. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is not just about alcohol and drug addiction it is about the people here, who are willing to help others find a new way to recreate their lives sober one day at a time. You can find the serenity, peace and personal freedom you’ve always wanted! The horses, cows, goats, donkeys, puppies, and blue sky are the biggest plus here besides the smiles. -Michelle"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from T.O. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"I have been to other treatment centers, but I’m glad I came back to Touchstone and made the right decision. I have learned how to properly deal with grief. I also now think logically about stuff using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). The fact that the treatment plan are are around my needs and that Touchstone has such a structured environment is extremely beneficial to my recovery. I am so glad that CBT was implemented into the program and plan to continue going to meetings. -Todd"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from A.P. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"I have learned so much at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. Here you are not just a number but a person. The people who work here really do care, and put their all into making sure you know it! It has been a wonderful learning experience. I have been to another recovery center in the past and didn’t learn as much as I have here. The groups are intimate, small, and your questions are welcomed. It is a safe place and I have been loved for who I am with open arms. I had to move on in my recovery and I really hated leaving. The people at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center have become my family; I loved it there. -April"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from M.I. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"I’ve been through rehab after rehab and never have I been so genuinely cared about and loved as I have been here by all the people at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. I came in here totally broken, with such a void and sense of hopelessness I didn’t even recognize myself any more! I found hope here! Through the help of staff and fellow addicts like myself I was able to find recovery; and know there’s a huge difference between being sober and being in recovery! Recovery is what you find here at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. I am leaving here full of hope, happiness, and a sense of self I haven’t had in over 10 years! I can honestly say not only did Touchstone Ranch save my life but they showed me how to finally live and not just exist, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I can only say Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is truly a blessed place. The minute you pull through the gates you feel a sense of acceptance and security you will not get anywhere else.” “Love is freedom, freedom is love and you will find that freedom here… I know I did! -Michele"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from M.E. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"I no longer put my substance above the value of my life, and am no longer haunted by past traumas. I have hope for the future and believe in myself. Without the supportive staff I would have never learned to trust people again. I’ve learned that people do care and want the best for you. The community at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is amazing because it doesn’t matter if you have been here a long time or are new, everyone becomes a family. -Megan"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from C.O. Source: Testimonial Aug 09 2022

"Debbie Knauss is my angel along with the staff at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. Throughout my stay at the ranch, I have been treated like I were a part of one big family. During my stay, I have transitioned into a completely different person. Today, I get to help people, give back to the community, coach, exercise, and more, while carrying my head up high. I have been supported by TRRC through accountability and love. I’ve been able to accomplish any obstacle and have done things I never thought I would’ve done. My relationship with my family has been restored. Amazing things are coming at me from all angles. Everything I have today is a gift from God…. I love TRRC and thank them for getting me back on track in life! -Corbin"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from B.D. Source: Google Jul 08 2022

"YOU ARE THE BEST!! The heart & soul of this family owned business are evident in their commitment to each & every resident! Look no further!! I personally know numerous people whose lives were saved by Debbie, Doug & Christina!! They consistently review & improve their programming. Plus, they just renovated their facilities. My utmost thanks to TRRC for saving thousands of lives!!"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from C.B. Source: Google Jul 08 2022

"Amazing place very grateful I had the opportunity to come to trrc amazing staff and great people who made it a very welcoming environment!!!"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from T. Source: Google Mar 08 2022

"I came to Touchstone in late March of 2021. I have never been to a treatment facility before and had no idea what I was getting in to. I knew that I needed a change in my life, and I needed a place to start. I wont go into detail of what led me to there, but they deserve to know that they changed my life. I originally committed to 30 days, but then extended to 45 to solidify my new foundation. They provided me a safe place to detox and get my head right. I learned of the Big Book and read the whole thing twice. The food was fantastic. People complain about this not being an all inclusive resort on the beach, but the truth is we go to places like this to change our life, not for vacation. It takes hard work and its not easy to get passed an active addiction. If you, or a loved one is struggling and needs a place to provide the essentials of beginning recovery, Touchstone is a fantastic place to start. The key to this is simple. I have to want sobriety for myself more than anyone else wants it for me. I wish anyone the best of luck and I hope this can help you make a decision on taking the step to a new future. I will forever be grateful for what this place did for me and my family, and also for the people that I am able to sponsor now. Good luck. You got this!"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from R.B. Source: Google Mar 08 2022

"I couldn’t be more grateful for Touchstone Ranch… After years of failed attempts at recovery, I went to Touchstone, did the work, and have come out a more confident and happy individual. It’s not just about the substance abuse, or whatever your drug of choice is, it’s about the cause…. A cause leads to symptoms. Touchstone helped me really drill down on some mental health instabilities I’ve suppressed and dealt with, unknowingly, for years... Appreciative to say the least. Furthermore, I was approved by the staff to return for a unique experiential workshop more than a month after my discharge. 100% thumbs up, and hats off, to the staff, the counselors, and the Touchstone curriculum. This place made a genuine difference in my world."

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from J.F. Source: Google Aug 08 2021

"5 stars all the way! This place is more like family than anything they go out of their way to not only help you but to ensure that you’ll always have a place to go if you want the help and want to change your life. The thing that sticks out to me the most is it’s not like all the other fancy rehabs that have 150 clients or something crazy like that! Don’t get me wrong touchstone is gorgeous and def have a lot of accommodations it’s just being a little bit smaller and not having so many patients at once def gives touchstone a edge for the counselors nursing and everyone else that participates in our recovery because it actually gives them a chance to really dive deep and work with you one on one ! I didn’t have enough money to come to touchstone and once again they came through fabulously and worked with me and I’ll be able to go again and get my life back in track. So thank you to everyone there I love this place it’s def like family ! Love you guys and gals ! See y’all soon!"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from V.G. Source: Google Aug 08 2019


5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from G.W. Source: Google Aug 08 2018

"I had the pleasure of attending training at this facility. It is amazing what they are able to do with so little. Many success stories and more to come."

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from D.K. Source: Google Aug 08 2017

"As a co-owner of Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center, I felt compelled to respond to the less than glowing review provided by Mr. Cooper. Ownership of Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center changed in late 2014. While Mr. Cooper may have been an employee under previous ownership, he has not been employed under our ownership. We can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy and/or truth to any of the accusations leveled by Mr. Cooper, other than to say, “Not on Our Watch”! And, why almost 2 years after ownership change did Mr. Cooper feel the need to write this review? We welcome anyone to look at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center and the reputation and quality of our program. We believe it is second to none!"

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from J.H. Source: Google Aug 08 2017

"Great place, great program, great people."

5.0 Reviews & Testimonials from L.M. Source: Google Aug 08 2016

"Great program, great people"
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