Understanding Anxiety and My Experience with Addiction

At the age of 20, I learned what anxiety was. I did not understand what was wrong with me but, I knew that there was no way, that everyone else felt this way all the time. By gaining insight and with proper medication, anxiety did not rule me any longer.

In 2015, “I” decided to ask for help. I tried every way that I could think of to be, “like everyone else,” it took too long for me to realize that it was impossible for me. Today, I am similar to everyone else because most people do not drink the way that I did. I chose inpatient treatment, I am a, ‘Why,’ guy, and I found answers, knowledge, understanding, and tools for success. For myself, I believe that a “switch flipped,” also, there is some family history.

During treatment, the thought of becoming a counselor entered my mind. I had the desire to help other people with similarities. I thought very hard about how I could put a plan together to make this possible. I prayed about it and finally figured out a possibility. I even ran the idea by a few professionals to ensure that I was thinking correctly and that this was not my addicted brain thinking. This plan involved becoming a counselor where I received the help that I needed.

I am now a licensed LCDC-I and hold two substance abuse counseling certificates. By having personal and professional experience with co-occurring disorders, I appreciate helping other clients who face similar challenges, along with their journey towards recovery.

-Stacy Wallace, LCDC-I at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center.

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