Family Matters

We all want the best for our family and friends, and we want to see them do well. However, it pains us to see them struggling with something such as substance use or addiction. Addiction is a family disease that causes everyone in the family or household a great deal of stress physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to help our loved one, but in many cases, we don’t know how or where to start. The addiction gains a tight hold, sometimes very quickly, leaving the family and friends lost, scared, and trying to pick up the pieces. Many family members and friends experience disrupted daily routines and, in some cases, terrifying experiences due to the hold addiction can have on an individual. Lying, stealing, manipulation, along with verbal and physical arguments, can lead to legal issues or become hurtful to everyone involved.

So why not treat the whole family?

Research has found that treatments that include the family/support,combined with individual treatment and education, relieves stress, reduces the risk of relapse, provides healthier supportive boundaries, increases the likelihood of medication management, and most importantly saves lives. Counseling and education on topics such as codependency, self-care, communication, enabling, and boundaries can help families grow and heal. Educating family and support systems on the dangers of addiction and co-occurring disorders, that go hidden or unknown, not only help people protect themselves but allow them to better respond and understand their loved one in need of assistance. The key to a successful recovery is fixing the whole not just one piece. It’s not just one person that needs to recover, it’s the whole family...Family Matters!

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